ISO 22000 Certification (Food Safety Management System)



Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification:

Mentioned below are few of the advantages of ISO 22000:

  • Large scope as well as organized jurisdiction 
  • Curtails availability of stale food items
  • Enhances food safety and raises profit
  • Calls for customers’ reliance
  • Promotion of trade globally
  • Well-structured set of documents, methodologies and plan of action

Alongside the above-mentioned benefits, ISO 22000 has the following perks for:

  • Primary producers – Farms, Ranches, Fisheries, & Dairies.
  • Processors – Fish processors, Meat processors, Poultry processors, & Feed processors.
  • Manufacturers – Soup manufacturers, Snack manufacturers, Bread manufacturers, Cereal manufacturers, Dressing manufacturers, Beverage manufacturers, Seasoning manufacturers, Packaging manufacturers – Frozen food manufacturers, Canned food manufacturers, Confectionery manufacturers, & Dietary supplement manufacturers.
  • Food service providers – Grocery stores, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, Cruise ships, Nursing homes etc.