Abu Dhabi Government is committed to protect the health and safety for all workers and to improve the performance of workplaces to the best and highest level in this area, in order to contribute to preventing and minimizing incidents and injuries and occupational illnesses development and implementation of occupational safety and health (OSH) standards was initiated in Abu Dhabi Emirate by end of 2006, under the directions of Abu Dhabi Government, to address the risks arising from various activities and to manage all aspects related to occupational health and safety at workplace.

TQM Project Management Services team consist of qualified OSHAD approved practitioners who can provide OSHAD Consultation Services and 3rd Party Audit Services through registered and approved entities.

TQM believes efficient linkage among organization strategies, technology and human resource which leads enterprises towards increase in capacity, growth and sustainable development. A successful productive organization is only as good as its people, they are always the driving force for social, economic development through their knowledge, competence and skills.

 TQM focused and following today’s challenging environment, and adding Safety Training & 3rd Party Inspection services to fulfill all the requirements of our valued clients and to give them the one-stop solution. TQM committed to providing management services, training, and Inspection solutions that add value to the end-user, whether it’s an organization or individuals.